Student Support System

Our Various Centres provide:
  • Conventional open classroom facilities
  • A comprehensive and informative library
  • Inclusive study programmes
  • Regular counselling
  • Career guidance
  • Bursaries and sponsorship for selected programmes
  • Extramural and Sports activities
  • Educational Excursions
  • Co-Curriculum interactions.
Our Jeppe Foundation is an Adopt-A-Student initiative where any person, in their private or corporate capacity, sponsors the tuition of one or more of our students. Part of our mission is to address education inequalities brought on by previously disadvantaged social situations, by offering high-quality education at affordable prices, but there are still students who fall by the wayside. Having a sponsor ensures that these dedicated students receive the education, training and competency to improve their chances of employment or enhance their current work productivity.
  • Previous sponsors include the following:
  • Phillips Retirement Fund; South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professionals (SACPCMP); Kaye-Eddie Estates; WACO Africa; AfriSam; Parsec; The South African Post Office; and GCRA.
Your expenditure will not only help to improve the lives of young South Africans, is also tax deductible. Our objectives are to ensure that all our students achieve their educational goals and become lifelong learners. We aim to make their experience at the college one of personal and professional growth and development. In this way, we equip our students with a sustainable and responsible world view, so that they are able to contribute to the future of their families, communities and to South Africa as a nation.  For information on how to become involved with Jeppe College, be it as a corporate partner or as part of the Jeppe Foundation, please contact us on (011) 334 2751.