Learner Support

Learner Support Print Email Learner’s development is a key part of our quality management policy, which is intended to uplift the personal and professional development of our learners. Personal development involves understanding the education and training needs of our learners and the nurturing and monitoring of their personal and professional growth. It encompasses aspects of personal development – social, economic, emotional – and is concerned with improving self-esteem and building confidence. It goes far beyond the mere acquisition of skills and knowledge.

The underlying aim of our Learner Development Plan is to enable learners in this college to understand and reflect their life circumstances critically, with a desire to explore new possibilities and initiate constructive change.

Learners complete a learner development evaluation to assess the impact of the programmes available and in place. Learners will be expected to feel a sense of belonging to the college community. They are aware of their learning needs and how to address them. A sense of goodwill will be created amongst the entire college community, particularly between the students and their trainers. The learners will be made more aware of the impact of learners’ development programme.

Support offered:

  • Assistance with assessment preparation
  • Natural barriers
  • Time management
  • Learning/Study Skills
  • Extra lesson/s
  • Abuse
  • English language or communication skills
  • Family issues
  • Practical Attendance-related barriers
  • IT skills related to course
  • Depression and Addiction