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At last we can we breathe a sigh of relief that the marathon performance-imbued academic year has come to an end; hopefully our students will do well in the ongoing assessments and national examinations. We salute you all in your respective capacity for enduring all the would-be obstacles and detractions; for demonstrating such courage and commitment. As this will be the last newsletter for 2016 I would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone who has contributed positively to our College.

Firstly, to all our staff members – in and out of the lecture rooms –Your contribution has made our college that much more special. Your enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism over the year has been much appreciated. Secondly to the many wonderful parents your positive support and encouragement of the programme and all that the staff do is overwhelming. Lastly to our wonderful students, without whom none of us would be connected. The excitement, enthusiasm and love for learning remind us all about why many of us became educators in the first place. Another successful academic year is coming to an end! Reflecting on the past college year makes us realise how fortunate we are at Jeppe College more than 2000 students have successfully completed their professional and career oriented studies this year ,both full qualification and skills programmes. Our college has been successful due to the wonderful collaborative partnership between students, staff members and parents. Our students are realizing high standards of performance, due to the excellent teaching proficiency our wonderful staff offers and support from our parents.

2017- an exciting year is on the cards. We have designed wonderful career options on academic programmes with so much emphasis on practical exposure and workplace training. More training partnerships have been sought with local government municipalities, reputable engineering firms and high-end information technology companies. All aimed at adequately preparing today’s workforce in lieu of economic productivity and the creation of sustainable employment, increasingly, industrial training which has become part and parcel of our curriculum delivery strategy and pursuit. In 2016, the following programmes have been added on to our curriculum landscape.

49554: National Diploma: Public Finance and Administration level 5 57827: National Diploma: Public Administration Level 6 57897: National Diploma: Public Administration Level 7 61592: National Diploma: HR Practice Level 5 23118: National Diploma: Early Childhood Development 5 For more programmes see the College brochure 2017, corporates of projects We applaud all stakeholders; the students, parents, lecturers, general staff, directors for the journey well-travelled in 2016. It’s evident that not all days were rosy but we thank the Almighty God for enabling us to sail through successfully. Clearly, full participation in the academic programmes, social events and College culture .This has been rewarding to all those who embraced themselves wholeheartedly. One of the greatest scientists of our time Steve jobs said “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Jeppe College continues to lead in most aspects of education and skills development in the many years to come. We appeal to all students to influence each other with positive mind set on how to empower oneself for the future. As a college, we renew our commitment into 2017 to reach out to all youth and educate them with relevant skills. We have not only lived for 20 years but also a cause we believe enhances our students into being valuable and relevant people in the society. We urge you all to diarise the following important dates:

Activities Important Dates
Examinations period DHET Business  & Engineering Studies N1 –N6 2 Nov -30 Nov 2016
NCV Examinations period DHET Level 2 – 4 25 Oct -21 Nov 2016
End year function -Staff 25 Nov 2016
City and Guilds for International Tourism 01 Dec 2016
Diploma: 07 Dec 2016
Internal Summative Assessments(SETAs)
23 Nov - 7 Dec 2016
2016 College marking session 29 Nov - 10 Dec 2016
College officially closes (Administration) 20 Dec 2016
Closing date for Re mark & Re mark (Engineering & Business Studies)reopens 15 Jan 2017
Release of Re mark & Re mark(Engineering & Business Studies) 28 Feb 2017
College officially opens for Marketing 05 Jan 2017
College issuing of results (SETA ) 10 Jan 2017
College classes for second years 14 Jan 2017
Nated (Business & Engineering studies) Release of Results 10 Jan 2017
Nated Classes (Engineering  Studies) commences 16 Jan 2017
Orientation Day 1st years 02 - 07 Feb 2017
Special/Supplementary exams 14 - 21 Jan 2017

A. Examination Period (4th Oct – 07th Dec 2016)


  • Candidates shall not be admitted into the examination room without a valid identity document, current fees card and admission permit.
  • Candidates must be in the examination room at least 15 minutes before commencement of the examination session.
  • No candidate will be permitted to leave the examination room without the consent of the invigilator during the examination session.
  • Candidates may not be in possession of any material, textbooks, notes, documents unless permitted by the invigilator.
  • Cell phones, bags, wallets etc. will not be allowed in the examination room.  NB – The institution is not liable to any loss or safety of any of your belongings. 
  • Copying and any form of irregularities is punishable as guided by the National gazette on assessment.

B. Assessments

  • All students should confirm to all academic assessments and adhere without fail to the submission deadlines. Timely submission of assignments, projects and Portfolios of Evidence (POE) and FISA portfolios will save students’ unnecessary backlog of outstanding assessments.
  • It should be noted that all Portfolios of Evidence, continuous assessments, cumulatively add up to the final aggregate. It is important that all assessments are treated with a lot of seriousness.
  • All Students need to be certain of their registrations in the various programmes. They should also have a clear understanding of what is entailed in their programmes, the certifying bodies, exit level outcomes and the qualification to achieve. No student will be allowed to exit before completion of all the necessary requirements.

B. Financial Matters

  • All tuition fees and rental updates for students staying in college residences need to be honoured on the agreed dates as referenced in the accounts office. Students should endeavour to pay on time to avoid unnecessary standing in the queues.
  • Students not sure about their financial obligations should approach the accounts office for clarity on the instalments agreed upon.
  • All students should clear their accounts to avoid inconveniences during the examinations period.

C. External Examinations

Only students who have paid their external fees in full will be allowed to write the scheduled external examinations. The College will no longer pay for students in advance as this habit has resulted into huge amounts of outstanding external fees. You need to communicate the right message to your parents in time and not take them by surprise.

C. Marketing Events

Marketing of the institutional programmes is our responsibility as Jeppe College community, students should save innocent lives out there by sharing their achievements and academic journey with others.

  • To mention, your academic progression from N4-N5 in a year without introductory stage
  • Registering for any of our Engineering courses with or without  maths results
  • The difference between NCV Levels, Matric and many skills programmes offered by your campus
  • Upgrading your Matric as well as attending a college programme for free

On behalf of management, we salute all Jeppe College BON-AFIDE students for your behaviour 2016 has been free of major incidences of indiscipline. We once again wish you the best of luck in your End of Year exams and pleasant holidays and enjoy responsibly. We look forward to your return in the following year. We wish you all a joyful holiday season a blessed and prosperous 2017.

With Warmest Regards

Chairman Joint Academic Committee