Organizational Background

Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies is a division of Jeppe Adult Education Centre, a 2001 winner of the Guinness UDV Adult Literacy Award for Unique and Independent Adult literacy provision in the inner city of Johannesburg. We are proud that since the inception of the institution more than 6000 learners have successfully completed courses in various fields and many of them have either found employment or have resultantly gained promotions at their work places.

The idea of establishing a learning centre was conceptualized in 1997. The concept has now grown into a large institution, with six branches, Johannesburg (two campuses), Pretoria, Pietersburg, Vereeniging and Bloemfontein. All centres are fully-fledged learning institutions, catering for all various learning programmes. Our major objective is to prepare tomorrow’s mode of instruction through the use of state of the art computer instruction, field work and research.

Jeppe College offers an excellent opportunity for students to interact with prospective employers and leading business entrepreneurs within South Africa and abroad. Over the duration of their courses, students engage in various research activities, which adequately prepare them for the job market.

Over the past years, we have set ourselves high professional standards, by interacting with leading institutions in the country, and by obliging our lecturers to keep track with changes in systems and methods of instruction. Our curriculum is reviewed annually to keep pace with modern trends of providing education and training and enacting changes as required by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies is a Further Education & Training (FET) Institution, established to promote and uphold comprehensive education and training needs and aimed at addressing educational and training backlogs and imbalances. Jeppe College is a nationally recognized FET Private Service provider, fully accredited by Umalusi and registered under the Private Further Education and Training Act, 2006 (Act 16 of 2006) as Private Education Service Provider by the Department of Education. We also offer internationally recognized qualifications.